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Nirvana Mind aims to create a consciously thriving, action-orientated community. It is a Mindfulness-Based ecosystem dedicated to supporting and providing the community with practical science and evidence based offerings through coaching, consultancy, programs, talks, workshops and retreats.


Mindfulness-Based SERVICES

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Foundations Of Mindfulness
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ABOUT Helen Clare Rozario

Helen graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications & Media Management. She went on to work in various dynamic industries including lifestyle, home, fashion, F&B, entertainment, event management, and production.

When she discovered the beneficial support of meditation, her life began to transform. Mindfulness + Meditation helped Helen tremendously and it has been one of several vital steps in her journey of recovery from alcoholism, addiction and mental illness. She works a strong program of recovery and service. She attributes recovery alongside adopting a mindful way of being to saving her life. It has significantly provided her a life she never knew existed; allowing her to maintain a more manageable and peaceful way of living.


Through a life changing incident in 2014, clarity and inspiration dawned upon Helen and she realised that she needed to do something more purposeful and the idea of Nirvana Mind was born.


Helen is a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (a.k.a MBSR) Teacher-in-Training with University Of California San Diego's Medical School's Center For Mindfulness. She serves as the Chief Mindfulness Officer for Nirvana Mind.

She wants to share the wholesome benefits of mindfulness + meditation, by making it achievable and accessible for everyone. Her primary purpose is to share her experience, strength and hope with others so that they may be guided to the tools and resources that can empower them. Especially, being of support to those who are struggling and suffering.

Helen has been in a relationship with her husband Arron for 17 years and is a mother to a 3 year old toddler named Sophie Clare.


WHY Mindfulness + Meditation

Mindfulness is a way of being. Cultivating mindfulness and adopting tools like meditation enhances every aspect of our wellbeing; mentally, physically and spiritually. Nirvana Mind provides guidance on how we can welcome mindfulness into our lives and practice its practical tools. 

The guided practices allow us to train and develop a mindful way of being by cultivating non-judgemental awareness. Our sessions and offerings are perfect for any beginner to learn how to embody mindfulness and guidance on how one can consciously thrive, living on life's terms. 

Whether you are new to mindfulness, meditation, have begun your own home practice, or you are looking for a community to inspire consistency and establish a discipline, Nirvana Mind warmly welcomes every willing client with an open heart.

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