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The ELEVATE journey (EJourney for short) is a professional concierge program and support system developed by Helen Clare Rozario of Nirvana Mind and Mona Gill of MKG Lifestyle.


It is a program to provide you with an all-rounded approach to life by empowering one with resources and professional guidance to navigate life's progress and challenges by exploring the following spheres of living:







Each EJourney is undoubtedly unique so we will tap into our very own wellness concierge framework of:


customising, curating, consulting and connecting

Quality progress and measurable results will be monitored throughout your EJourney  as we cultivate wellness insight and solutions through your commitment and willingness.


Ultimately, this is a transformative journey and we will guide you through an all-rounded, practical shift and encourage you to be the mindful embodiment of sound mind, health and heart.

Across 12 weeks (90 days) | 3 Health & Wellness Professionals | On-going Maintenance 


For more information on fees and details:

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